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Frank Ochieng, loving memory

Frank O's Other Media Endeavors:
TRIVIA LIVE! [Warner Cable TV] (1987-88)

TIME TO REVIEW [Warner Cable TV] (1988-89)

THE EVALUATORS [Warner Cable TV] (1989-91)

THE JUKE JOINT w/ Bob Nelson (WMWM 91.7 FM radio)

THE VOICEMAKERS print fanzine (1997-2003)

Frank's quote has appeared on the DVD package for THE ART OF TRAVEL:
"An ambitious, involving and extensive travelogue that challenges the imagination."
--Frank Ochieng

Frank's literary quote below is featured in the cinema book INDEPENDENT FILM DISTRIBUTION: HOW TO MAKE AN END RUN AROUND THE BIG GUYS by author Phil Hall.

"Phil Hall's new book is a resourceful and comprehensive look into the indelible psyche of a filmmaking movement--specifically the independent film industry--that deserves the common movie enthusiast's undivided attention. Thoroughly insightful, analytical and informative, Hall's cinematic tome will have readers appreciating the inner circle workings pertaining to the chaotic state of independent film distribution.
Laced with hearty interviews and other noteworthy anecdotal tidbits, this book will arm observers with a vast understanding regarding the independent film process. Overall, this is an in-depth read for upstart/established filmmakers and ardent film fans alike!"-- Frank Ochieng, and

Frank's literary quote for fellow WBZ Radio 1030 AM's "Movie/TV Night" panelist Marilyn Armstrong's book "The 12-Foot Teepee":
"Nevertheless, Armstrong's distinctive pathos in the way her narrative flowingly handles an unredeemable childhood with an adulthood filled with love and longing but continued financial and health-related chaos is indeed a winning account of elusive self-discovery...
the results are refreshingly therapeutic."– Frank Ochieng, World Voice News

Frank Ochieng's complete book review of "The 12-Foot Teepee" at Associated Content (AC)

Frank's featured literary quote/recommendation for author Marilyn Armstrong's "The 12-Foot Teepee" can be found at

"The impressive vision of writer-director-star Mike Reilly's filmmaking finesse emphatically sustains itself with engaging creativity in his independent film Road to Victory. Skillfully conceived, resourcefully intriguing, sentimental and cunningly relevant, it juggles its revolving subject matters with effortless candor and consideration. This is a thought-provoking, intimate film that is timely based on today's headlines where ill-advised usage of steroids are the unpredictable detriment to promising athletes.
Basically, Road to Victory is a quaint indie gem for the thinking person's moviegoer that appreciates a solid balance in moving, inspired storytelling, with performances that are thoroughly showcased in poignancy and potency. Road to Victory strikes a winning chord." - Frank Ochieng

Frank's movie quote for "Road to Victory" is featured at GoFilm Fest website